Where Do I Get The Corrupted Ashbringer?

Is corrupted ashbringer good?

Yes they were.

Corrupted Ashbringer was BiS for Ret as the proc and hit were grade A.

The proc scaled 100% from spell damage and healing which a paladin would have a good amount of at that level.

It would have been amazing for Reck bombs too..

How do you get the heart of corruption?

How to obtainGet the two Nat Pagle books. … Talk to Sister Elda with both books. … Kill Nefarian in Blackwing Lair and loot [Head of Nefarian] … Talk to Prince Tortheldrin in Dire Maul West with the new book and Nefarian’s head.More items…

How do I get the ashbringer?

When you open your collections interface(shift+P) you will find the Ashbringer in the Weapon category, you must choose Legion Aritface weapon type.

How do you get the ashbringer in Diablo 3?

Chance on kill to raise a skeleton to fight for you. Upon accumulating 5 skeletons, they each explode for 1000% damage as Holy and the sword transforms into Ashbringer for a short time.

How do you get artifact weapons in BFA?

AcquisitionEach artifact is acquired by completing a spec-specific quest that emphasizes your class’ unique abilities and reveals more about important lore figures. … Your first Artifact Weapon can be acquired at level 98, right after you complete the Broken Shore scenario and arrive in Dalaran.More items…•Apr 1, 2019

Can you get corrupted ashbringer from black market?

I know you can receive Naxx 40 gear off the Black Market AH and in the boxes, can you receive no longer obtainable weapons like Benediction, Corrupted Ashbringer, etc? Nope.

Does corrupted ashbringer scale with spell power?

Neretzek, The Blood Drinker’s proc effect does not scale with Spell Damage.

How good is dark edge of insanity?

Dark Edge is better for both PvE and PvP. It does more damage, has more strength, has a fantastic PvP proc and is only overshadowed by the lower stamina. … dark edge is better in pvp, the proc is absolutely game breaking.

How do you get the corrupted ashbringer in hidden artifact appearance?

Hidden Appearance: Corrupted Ashbringer – Unlocked via Heart of Corruption. This is from an elaborate questline requiring books like Nat Pagle’s Guide to Extreme Anglin’, killing Nefarian, fishing up Shard of Darkness, and much more.

Can you get corrupted ashbringer in BFA?

Yes, you can and here is how.

Can you Transmog corrupted ashbringer?

Find someone with Corupted Ashbringer, do a dungeon with them, they get a weapon, transmog it to Ashbringer, then they trade it to you since you have 2 hours to trade items. Boom. You now have a Corrupted Ashbringer transmogged on another weapon.

Who created the ashbringer?

Alexandros MograineUpon being forged, the sword was named after its original wielder, Alexandros Mograine, former Highlord of the Silver Hand, who was known as “The Ashbringer” during the wars against the Undead. Alexandros’ oldest son, Renault betrayed and murdered him using the sword, transforming it into [Corrupted Ashbringer].

Can you still get the corrupted ashbringer in wow?

Yes you can get it, you just need to do all the hidden skin quests.

Will of the ashbringer Classic?

Will of the Ashbringer. Equipping Corrupted Ashbringer will buff the player with Will of the Ashbringer, which makes Argent Dawn NPCs hostile, Scarlet Crusade NPCs friendly, and makes the player appear slightly darker.