Where Are The Shield Parts In Ancient Evil?

What’s the death of Orion?

There are two versions where Artemis killed Orion, either with her arrows or by producing the Scorpion.

In the second variant, Orion died of the Scorpion’s sting as he does in Hesiod.

Although Orion does not defeat the Scorpion in any version, several variants have it die from its wounds..

What do you do in ancient evil?

You can work on unlocking the Shield and Redeemed Wonder Weapons while completing the first true step of the Easter egg quest.Step #1: Light The Oil With Blue Fire. … Step #2: Shoot The Glowing Eyes. … Step #3: Activate The Cog Wheels. … Step #4: Place The Scepter Of Ra. … Step #5: Complete The Danu Ritual.More items…•Mar 28, 2019

Can you get the death of Orion from the box?

At the box you’ll be prompted to poison it. Do so, activate the box and you’ll get the Death of Orion. That’s all you need to do to get this Wonder Weapon.

How do you free the Eagles in ancient evil?

Free the Eagles Shooting the cage will drop it and also spawn a Gegenees. Defeat it and then travel to Cliff Ruins. Survive the skeletons here and then shoot the door of all the cages with a specialist weapon. This will free the eagles, leaving but one more step for Pack-a-Punch in this new Black Ops 4 map.

Where is the Wheel of water in ancient evil?

Dormant HandsHintLocationWorkbench of HephaestusIn the forge room on a tableWheel of WaterLeft of the fire in the forge roomWhere the Serpent snared the eagleLeft of the cage in the Cliff SideSteps of Flesh and BoneNear the Charon shrine16 more rows

What is the wonder weapon in ancient evil?

The resident Wonder Weapons of Ancient Evil are the ‘God’ Hands — four elemental weapons you can unlock by completing rituals.

Where are all the shield parts in ancient evil?

Black Ops 4 Zombies Ancient Evil Shield Parts and Locations GuidePart 1: The Strap. This part will be found in the Upper Roads. … Part 2: The Shield. The Shield is slightly tricky, as players will need to collect this part by killing a Gegenees. … Part 3: The Spear. Black Ops 4 players will find the spear in one of two areas: the Stoa of Athenians or the Intersection of Treasuries.Mar 31, 2019

Where are the brazen bull shield parts?

Where to Find All Brazen Bull PartsIn the corner to the left of the staircase, when facing the Ra shrine.At the top of the staircase, immediately to the right.Beside a pillar directly across from the top of the staircase.Oct 15, 2018

How do you free the bird in ancient evil?

At the Cliff Ruins, defeat the skeletons that spawn near the cage. To free the birds, use your Ultimate special weapon [R1+L1] to break the glowing cage door. Break both doors, and the birds will fly to the Center of the World area. Wait at the Center of the World area, and the birds will attack the giant red crystal.

How do you leave the center of the world in ancient evil?

Open both raven cages with speaclist weapon near python road and anvil area. Once done a ritual will begin where pack a punch opens at the center of the world. Then up the stairs and located in other places will be portals.