What Is The Meaning Of Surreptitious?

How do you use surreptitious in a sentence?

Surreptitious sentence exampleHe made a surreptitious recording with a concealed hand-held machine.

She completed the assignment in a surreptitious , secret manner.

There was a lot of surreptitious advertising for the hidden cafe.

I feel very surreptitious walking around this place; it is a very catholic hospital.More items….

What means Surreal?

1 : marked by the intense irrational reality of a dream also : unbelievable, fantastic surreal sums of money. 2 : surrealistic.

What does the word ubiquitous mean?

constantly encountered: existing or being everywhere at the same time : constantly encountered : widespread a ubiquitous fashion.

What does it mean to subjugate?

transitive verb. 1 : to bring under control and governance as a subject : conquer. 2 : to make submissive : subdue.

How do you use quotidian?

Quotidian sentence exampleTaking the dog on a walk is a quotidian event for the elderly couple. … Her mundane, quotidian routine was beginning to bore her, so she started looking for a new job. … She hoped to not live a quotidian life, but one full of surprises and adventures.More items…

What does surreptitious mean in a sentence?

1 : done, made, or acquired by stealth : clandestine. 2 : acting or doing something clandestinely : stealthy a surreptitious glance. Other Words from surreptitious Synonyms & Antonyms Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More about surreptitious.

What is a synonym for surreptitiously?

Some common synonyms of surreptitious are clandestine, covert, furtive, secret, stealthy, and underhanded.

What does surreptitiously mean dictionary?

adjective. obtained, done, made, etc., by stealth; secret or unauthorized; clandestine: a surreptitious glance. acting in a stealthy way.

What is the meaning of quotidian?

1 : occurring every day quotidian fever. 2a : belonging to each day : everyday quotidian routine. b : commonplace, ordinary quotidian drabness.

What is the opposite of surreptitious?

surreptitious. Antonyms: open, openhanded, frank, honest, ingenuous. Synonyms: stealthy, furtive, unauthorized, fraudulent, underhanded, clandestine.

What does hyperbole mean?

Hyperbole is when you use language to exaggerate what you mean or emphasize a point. … Hyperbole is a figure of speech.

What is quotidian life?

Quotidian is a fancy way of saying “daily” or “ordinary.” Quotidian events are the everyday details of life. When you talk about the quotidian, you’re talking about the little things in life: everyday events that are normal and not that exciting.

What does hysteria mean?

Hysteria is a term used to describe emotional excess, but it was also once a common medical diagnosis. In layman’s terms, hysteria is often used to describe emotionally charged behavior that seems excessive and out of control.