Quick Answer: Zombie Shield Parts Der Eisendrache

What are the special items in shadows of evil?

The ItemsSummoning Key: Found on Easy Street in a wooden crate in the back of a truck.

Golden Fountain Pen: Found in Junction in a wooden crate.

Detective’s Badge: Found in the Canal District.

Championship Belt: Found in the Waterfront District.

Hairpiece: Found in the Footlight District.Dec 20, 2018.

Where are the zombie shield parts in Der Eisendrache?

Der Eisendrache Right side of the Research Room’s entrance. Placed left to a corpse of a Radio Operator in the tower. Next to the staircase leading up the Clock Tower. Above the Pack-a-Punch Machine teleporter platform, accessible with Anti-Gravity active.

Where are the pieces to the zombie shield in shadows of evil?

One possible location is in the same room as the perk machine. A second possible location is in the connected room. The third location is beside a crate between the perk room and the gate opened in Beast Mode.

What round does Panzer come der Eisendrache?

In Der Eisendrache, instead of the gripping arm, the Panzer has a canon that shoots electric projectiles. The first Panzersoldat will spawn in round 12. It will next spawn every five to six rounds.

Where are the wisps in der Eisendrache?

Inside the room directly above the Double-Tap perk-a-cola. The world-globe inside the room adjacent to Sam’s room. A radio set in the corner right across from the Speed Cola perk-a-cola. The wallclock directly above the command center room.

How do you beat shadows of evil?

In Shadows of Evil, kill 5 Parasites while riding on the monorail. Margwas are large three-headed creatures. They may appear after a set round, after completing a ritual, or after finding a ritual item. The only way to defeat these beasts is to shoot the yellow glowing spots within their mouths.