Quick Answer: What Does Threadbare Mean?

Does peril mean danger?

exposure to injury, loss, or destruction; grave risk; jeopardy; danger: They faced the peril of falling rocks.

something that causes or may cause injury, loss, or destruction..

Do different colored turbans mean anything?

There aren’t any religious meanings associated with a given turban color. A person can wear any color turban they like — and even prints! Some colors like orange, blue, and white are traditionally worn during religious celebrations or occasions. Red is traditionally worn during Sikh weddings.

What does a black turban mean?

rebellion and protestIn reference to meaning, black means rebellion and protest. During major protests, people use them in order to pass their messages. White turbans symbolize holiness, spirituality and purity. To others, the white color represents wisdom.

What is tattered mean?

1 : torn into shreds : ragged a tattered flag. 2a : broken down : dilapidated decaying houses along tattered paved streets— P. B. Martin. b : being in a shattered condition led their tattered party to victory. 3 : wearing ragged clothes a tattered barefoot boy.

What is threadbare clothing?

threadbare clothing, carpet, or cloth is very thin and almost has holes in it because it has been worn or used a lot. Synonyms and related words. – Words used to describe cloth.

What causes threadbare carpet?

The first cause of threadbare patches is moths. The larvae look like fuzzy yarn or patches of webbing. If you spot what looks like grains of rice, those are eggs- a very bad sign. … Wool rugs are moths’ favorite material to eat. It’s important to have your rug professionally cleaned if you spot moth damage.

Can anyone wear a turban?

There is no such restriction that only sikhs can wear sikh turbans. On the contrary sikhs have organised turban camps many times in US and Europe where they have tied turbans to non-sikhs. and we are usually very happy to know that someone likes our culture.

What does hygiene mean?

Hygiene is a series of practices performed to preserve health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), “Hygiene refers to conditions and practices that help to maintain health and prevent the spread of diseases.” Personal hygiene refers to maintaining the body’s cleanliness.

What does turbaned mean?

Meaning of turbaned in English. … (especially of a woman) wearing a head covering that resembles a turban: Her turbaned head sprouted a peacock feather.

What does peril mean?

exposure to the risk(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : exposure to the risk of being injured, destroyed, or lost : danger fire put the city in peril.

What is the definition threadbare?

1a : having the nap worn off so that the thread shows : shabby threadbare clothes. b : wearing threadbare clothing : very poor took in threadbare relatives— Russell Baker.

What is a threadbare carpet?

adjective. Threadbare clothes, carpets, and other pieces of cloth look old, dull, and very thin, because they have been worn or used too much. She sat cross-legged on a square of threadbare carpet. Synonyms: shabby, worn, frayed, old More Synonyms of threadbare.

How do you use threadbare in a sentence?

Threadbare in a Sentence 🔉After living in the woods for a week without supplies, my threadbare clothing was not protecting me from the elements. … The only items for sale at the terrible garage sale were broken furniture, threadbare clothes and obsolete televisions.More items…

What does snubbed mean?

verb (used with object), snubbed, snub·bing. to check or reject with a sharp rebuke or remark. … by means of a rope or line made fast to a fixed object.

What does teeming mean?

(Entry 1 of 2) intransitive verb. 1a : to become filled to overflowing : abound. b : to be present in large quantity.

What is the meaning of surefooted?

pursuit of successnot likely to stumble, slip, or fall. proceeding surely; unerring: his surefooted pursuit of success.

What are the 3 categories of perils?

One of the three categories of perils commonly considered by insurance, the other two being human perils and economic perils. This category includes such perils as injury and damage caused by natural elements such as rain, ice, snow, typhoon, hurricane, volcano, wave action, wind, earthquake, or flood.

What is an example of a peril?

A peril is something that can cause a financial loss. Examples include falling, crashing your car, fire, wind, hail, lightning, water, volcanic eruptions, falling objects, illness, and death. * Morale hazards such as a careless attitude since “insurance will pay for it.”

What does capitulation mean?

Capitulation is when investors give up any previous gains in any security or market by selling their positions during periods of declines. … A market correction or bear market often leads investors to capitulate or panic sell. The term is a derived from a military term which refers to surrender.

What does rebuff mean?

transitive verb. : to reject or criticize sharply : snub.

What is a velveteen?

1 : a clothing fabric usually of cotton in twill or plain weaves made with a short close weft pile in imitation of velvet.