Quick Answer: What Does Eminate Mean?

What is the synonym of emanate?

Some common synonyms of emanate are arise, derive, flow, issue, originate, proceed, rise, spring, and stem.

While all these words mean “to come up or out of something into existence,” emanate applies to the coming of something immaterial (such as a thought) from a source..

What is emanate in the Bible?

To send or give out; manifest.

What does emanated mean in a sentence?

Emanated is defined as to have come out or come from a source. An example of the use of emanated as a verb is in the sentence, “The light emanated from the sun,” which means the light came from the sun.

What does trepidation mean?

fear, dread, fright, alarm, panic, terror, trepidation mean painful agitation in the presence or anticipation of danger. fear is the most general term and implies anxiety and usually loss of courage.

What causes trepidation?

The definition of a trepidation is a trembling movement, fear or nervousness. … An involuntary trembling, sometimes an effect of paralysis, but usually caused by terror or fear; quaking; quivering.

What does tantalizing mean?

: possessing a quality that arouses or stimulates desire or interest also : mockingly or teasingly out of reach.

What does florid mean?

1a : very flowery in style : ornate florid prose florid declamations also : having a florid style a florid writer. b : elaborately decorated a florid interior. c obsolete : covered with flowers. 2a : tinged with red : ruddy a florid complexion.

How do you exude confidence?

To exude confidence, shift your focus to the positive. Recognize and stop limiting beliefs about your perceived weaknesses and replace them with empowering beliefs about your strengths and accomplishments. Allow yourself to feel anxious, then force yourself to push beyond your comfort zone.

What does it mean to exude love?

If you exude love, confidence, pain, etc., you show that you have a lot of that feeling: She just exudes confidence.

What exude means?

transitive verb. 1 : to cause to ooze or spread out in all directions. 2 : to display conspicuously or abundantly exudes charm.

What does imperious mean?

1a : marked by arrogant assurance : domineering. b : befitting or characteristic of one of eminent rank or attainments : commanding, dominant an imperious manner.

Is trepidation an emotion?

The natural beginning is trepidation, the unsettled feeling we get when we are about to begin something of importance. The word “trepidation” comes from the same source as the word “tremble”, because when one feels the emotion of trepidation, it might cause one’s body to shake with nervous energy.

What does Trepidatiously mean?

: feeling trepidation : apprehensive Within a couple of minutes of coming “on stage” she had an immediate rapport with the studio audience, discussing with candor what sort of questions they might have, and had the whole session in hand and us trepidatious panelists at ease.—

Is Eminate a word?

Emanate means to give off, like the sound of laughter that emanates from your sister’s room during her slumber party. If spooky sounds emanate from the closet, don’t open the door! The word emanate comes from the Latin emanare, which means “to flow out.” Things that emanate come from somewhere.

What does come out mean?

(BECOME KNOWN) C2. If something comes out, it becomes known publicly after it has been kept secret: After her death, it came out that she’d lied about her age. When the truth came out, there was public outrage.

What is another word for coming from?

What is another word for coming from?arisingderivingstartingbeginningappearingcommencingcomingdawninghappeningcoming into existence101 more rows

What part of speech is emanate?

part of speech: transitive verb & intransitive verb. inflections: emanates, emanating, emanated.

What does menacingly mean?

in a way that makes you think that someone is going to do something bad or that something bad is going to happen: She glared menacingly at him. Black clouds gathered menacingly over the hills. See. menacing.

What does herded mean?

herded; herding; herds. Definition of herd (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1a : to gather, lead, or drive as if in a herd (see herd entry 1 sense 1a) herded the children into the car. b : to keep or move (animals) together dogs that are trained to herd sheep.