Quick Answer: What Bargain Did Sylvanas Make With Helya?

Who did sylvanas make a deal with?

HelyaSylvanas wanted a way to raise more undead.

Sylvanas made a deal with Helya.

As a part of that deal she received a lamp.

Sylvanas had not yet completed her end of the deal at the time she received said lamp..

Is helheim in the Shadowlands?

Helheim (also called Hel) is the desolate realm of the Val’kyr Helya. … Despite touching upon the Shadowlands, Helheim is not contained inside it.

Is helya in the maw?

So the maw, where the big baddie is, who has a deal with Sylvanas, who also has a deal with helya is called “the maw”. Helyas dungeon is called “the maw of souls”.

Will we kill Sylvanas?

None. She doesn’t die. The Jailer does betray her but in the end she takes his place as the new Jailer of the Damned. Sylvanas will end Sylvanas.

What does helya die at?

She *dies* at 70%.

Can you solo trial of valor raid?

This fight IS soloable, if you’re patient. All of the tricky stuff happens in Phase One, which I will describe below. Phase One: in which you must bring two Valarjar mini-bosses (Hymdall and Hyrja) down to 25% health within 15 seconds of each other, or they will heal fully via Revivify.

Is sylvanas evil 2020?

Sylvanas is not, from any perspective, inherently evil. Her motives are her own, and are ultimately self serving. She places her own wellbeing and that of her people well above any others, including other member races of the horde.

Why did sylvanas betray the Horde?

Sylvanas targeted Alliance forces and didn’t care about the Horde casualties. Baine targeted Horde forces to help the Alliance. To put it another way, Sylvanas killed Horde forces to hurt the enemy. Baine killed Horde forces to help the enemy.

What did sylvanas do to the Lich King?

After fighting for their right to join the Horde, Sylvanas led her “people” to the continent of Northrend to destroy the Lich King. Before they could succeed, an uprising among the Forsaken killed members of the Horde and Alliance, casting a shadow of mistrust over Sylvanas.

Why did sylvanas become evil?

Why is Sylvanas so mad about the afterlife? … Sylvanas took a dark deal with the Val’kyr, winged servants of death, to come back to life and escape her fate. Since then, she’s made it her goal to never, ever go back. Most players interpreted this as she didn’t want to die.

Is sylvanas evil now?

Sylvanas is not, from any perspective, inherently evil. Her motives are her own, and are ultimately self serving. She places her own wellbeing and that of her people well above any others, including other member races of the horde.

Is helya dead?

Arthas wiped the raid and went to revive them in WOTLK. Also the DH opening eludes to them having immortal souls. Helya might just have a deep connection to her realm that allowed her to regenerate or something. We did kill Helya, not an impostor or anything, but she just got better.

Are the halls of valor in the Shadowlands?

Lore-wise, the Halls of Valor aren’t in the Shadowlands.

Is sylvanas a good guy?

Sylvanas is still relatively on the good side, but doing everything in her power to get revenge on those responsible for her fate/Quel’Thalas, going to very extreme measures. So previously she wanted LK dead and after that happened, attempted suicide as what she wanted had been achieved.

Is sylvanas dead in Shadowlands?

Sylvanas Windrunner is once again a major character in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. … She was slain by Arthas Menethil in Warcraft 3, resurrected by him after he became the Lich King, and then died again (presumably by suicide) during the events of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

What deal did sylvanas make with Azshara?

Flashback to Azshara and Sylvanas’ bargain: Azshara: We have a bargain, then. I will bring both fleets crashing to the ocean floor, and your champion will deliver the dagger to me. Sylvanas: And in turn, you will have the key required to free the Old God from his bonds… and leave him vulnerable.

Why is helya in the maw?

Tatraan: why is Helya in the Maw? I’m surprised nobody has said it yet, but mueh’zala tells you he brought helya back when you confront him in the otha side. That means she must have been dead dead, or somewhere else, and he interfered and brought her to the maw.

Is odyn a Titan?

Odyn is one of the titan-forged who were empowered by the Pantheon and thus became Keepers. He led the titan-forged armies against the forces of the Old Gods. He was imbued with the powers of Aman’Thul.

Who is sylvanas working for?

JailerMaster of the Maw However, ever since Sylvanas’ deal with the Val’kyr in the short story Edge of Night, she’s basically been working with the Jailer in an attempt to break the machinery of death, and feed more and more souls directly to the Maw.

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