Quick Answer: How Many Active Players Does Ark Have?

Is Ark still relevant?


ARK: Survival Evolved is totally worth it for both single-player and multiplayer experiences.

People who enjoy survival games will enjoy a game much less stressful than Rust, along with a crazy amount of dinosaurs.

If you don’t enjoy survival type games, then you won’t like ARK..

Is Ark 2 single player?

At The Game Awards 2020, Studio Wildcard revealed Ark 2, the sequel to its dinosaur survival game Ark: Survival Evolved. … Judging by the trailer, this new game may have more of a traditional single-player campaign, with Vin Diesel starring as Santiago.

Within a month of its early access release on Steam, Ark had sold over one million copies. By August 2016, the game had over 5.5 million sales across both Windows and Xbox One, with about 1.5 million from the Xbox One platform.

Why is ark so good?

Because it is the – to date – most evolved sandbox/survival game on the planet. They have put a ridiculous high amount of detail into the game. And it all works without many bugs or glitches. Ark is a game one can play just for the sake of it and it takes a very long time before it gets old.

Is Ark a waste of time?

This game is a complete waste of time. This game is filled with alpha tribes who ruin other people’s experience cuz Wildcard dont care about balancing this game and there is 0 wipes on ARK. … I thought it was better than Rust, but its even worst!

Is Ark dead on Xbox?

Yes, Ark is dead. It is dead in the same sense as any old game. The servers are still up, and some people do play, but it is effectively at the end of its life and never going to improve in health. … But if his second Xbox died then I would uninstal the game, just like that.

Why is Ark editor so big?

Every update you are going to be downloading the same files over and over, this is why the ark folder is so big. … Its almost like with each update you have to install the updated content + all the original game files.

Is Ark survival free?

Studio Wildcard’s action-adventure survival game Ark Survival Evolved is available to download from Epic Games Store for free. Players can download the game for free starting now. … In Ark Survival Evolved, players have to survive the full ordeal with improvised weapons and arsenal.

How many daily players does Ark have?

55,000According to Studio Wildcard co-founder Jesse Rapczak, the “daily Xbox One player count is already bigger than on PC.” A quick check on Steam shows that Ark is one of the most-played games on the platform right now with approximately 55,000 current players. It makes sense.

Is Ark Evolution active?

ARK: EVOLUTION EVENT is now active through Tuesday the 26th of December at 12 PM ET, with 2X Taming, Harvesting, & XP on all official servers!

What’s the next Ark event?

Event calendarEventStart DateEnd DateARK: 5th AnniversaryJune 11th, 2020June 24th, 2020ARK: Summer Bash 2020June 25th, 2020July 21st, 2020ARK: Fear Evolved 4October 22nd, 2020November 6th, 2020Genesis 2 ChroniclesNovember 7th, 2020March 20214 more rows

Is Ark fun solo?

Not as fun as multiplayer, but still very fun. You can always join a server anyway, and it’ll be difficult at first but you’d learn faster that way. Player dedicated servers are good for solo play as well. … No play online on a pve or PvP server.

Will Ark be free again?

ARK: Survival Evolved is free on the Epic Games Store as part of its weekly free game giveaway. The survival adventure game developed by Studio Wildcard launched in 2017 and is now available for free till June 18.

Is Ark 2 a movie or a game?

What is Ark 2? Ark 2 is the sequel to Ark: Survival Evolved, a sandbox survival game with prehistoric creatures that first released on PC in 2015 before coming to other platforms later.

Is Ark on PS4 good?

Yes, absolutely worth the $60. Although I do suggest picking it up on sale because cheaper is always better.

Is Ark a dying game?

Pretty much everything that people claiming is causing the death of the game, besides bugs, is not on unofficial servers. Just because all of that happens on official servers does not mean the game is dying, because there is more to the game than just official servers. So no, the game is not dying.

Who has the most hours on ark?

VörSince Ark: Survival Evolved first launched on Steam Early Access on June 2, 2015, a player named Vör has clocked over 8,600 hours of playtime.

Does Epic Games own ark?

Developer Wildcard’s Ark: Survival Evolved video game is now available for free on the Epic Games Store till 18 June. … The game was first introduced in 2015 as a Steam Early Access title. It was eventually made available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Switch.

Is Ark like Minecraft?

1) Ark: Survival Evolved Many were quick to be reductive towards Ark: Survival Evolved, with monikers such as “Minecraft but with Dinosaurs”. … The combat aspects of the game work in tandem with the sandbox/survival gameplay quite well, resulting in one of the better games that the genre has seen in years.

Will there be a ark 2?

According to Microsoft, Ark 2 will come out in 2022. … Microsoft described Ark 2 as a “console launch exclusive,” which usually means “timed exclusive.” As such, the game could migrate to PS5 or other platforms later on.

Is Ark 2020 Good?

Ark is an amazing game, but starting on pve is your best bet atm. If your up to the challenge go try pvp, but the meshing, duping, and dossing is especially rampant as of now. Got it on sale last week, been really enjoying myself. There’s a few issues I have but it’s mostly on my end of things with hardware.

What time is the ark event?

Thursday, 1PM PDTAs per the Studio Wildcard’s official Twitter account for Ark, “The Fear Evolved event rates begin Thursday, 1PM PDT on PC, XBOX, and PS4.” This will include the following features: 2X Breeding (mating interval, egg hatch speed, and maturation)