Quick Answer: How Do I Farm Silver Grove Specters?

How do you get augur secrets?

Seems like the best way to farm Augur Secrets is to play the level 30-50 Cetus Bounty.

This requires Mastery Rank 3 or higher.

The mission’s 4th and 5th stages have a 2.08% and 4.76% chance of dropping respectively during Pool B (this refreshes every cycle or 2.5 hours)..

How do you spawn Silver Grove specters?

From farming Silver Specters for stance and aura mods, I believe the Silver Grove will not spawn in every time. If you cannot find it, reload the mission. When you do find it, use the Apothic on the small stone altar, and the Silver Grove Specter will spawn in. Kill it, and then extract!

What are Silver Grove specters?

The Feyarch Specter is a Specter that appears in The Silver Grove quest. The last of the titular Grove’s guardians, it is summoned by using the Sunrise Apothic on the Grove’s Shrine.

Where is Silver Grove Warframe?

Go to Mantle, on Earth, it’s a capture mission. The Silver Grove is connected to the room where you found the capture target. It’s away from the exit.

Where is Frostleaf Warframe?

Corpus OutpostsFrostleaves are plants found only in Corpus Outposts. They grow on and around the cliffsides of the tileset.

Where can I find vestan Moss?

Vestan Moss is an item that can only be found within Grineer Asteroid tilesets. One particularly nice place to find this tileset is on Mercury, in the Caloris mission. This mission also happens to be a Rescue mission, which means you can take your time and really look around each area before proceeding.

How do I get the Silver Grove quest?

The quest is started by visiting New Loka inside a relay and by asking their leader Amaryn about “The Silver Grove”. Amaryn will explain that the Grineer seek to defile Earth’s purest location, the aforementioned Silver Grove, and that the New Loka have a plan to awaken the ancient defenses that guard the place.

Where can I buy a lunar pitcher?

Scans. This carnivorous plant can be found growing in the wilderness on Lua. Lunar Pitchers are plants found only on the Orokin Moon. They are often with other decorative plants, inside rooms, and on the lunar soil.

How do you spawn knave Specter?

The first of the titular Grove’s guardians, it is summoned by using the Nightfall Apothic on the Grove’s Shrine. Players can choose to summon the Knave Specter again by encountering the Shrine on any Grineer Forest mission and using another Nightfall Apothic.

Where can I scan sunlight Threshcone?

Sunlight Threshcones can be found on the ground, near the bases of trees, or growing under stairs all over the levels. Sunlight Threshcones are small plants that look a lot like pinecones. To harvest the plant, you scan it with your Codex or Synthesis Scanners.

Does growing power work with exalted blade?

I did some testing and found out that it does indeed trigger from Exalted Blade.

Where can I farm growing power?

Growing Power is dropped by the Knave Specter, available upon anointing a Silver Grove shrine with the Nightfall Apothic.

Where can I farm Moonlight Jadeleaf?

Moonlight Jadeleaves are plants found only in Grineer Forests on Earth, during nighttime. They often grow on the ground near grass or water.

What is Apothic Warframe?

Apothics are equipment items that can be used on Shrines found in any Grineer Forest mission. Their blueprints are obtained by progressing through The Silver Grove quest.

How do you farm brief respite?

Brief Respite is dropped by the Orphid Specter, available upon anointing a Silver Grove shrine with the Twilight Apothic.

Why did growing power fail?

Then, last November, facing insurmountable debt and legal pressure (the nonprofit has eight pending judgments totaling nearly half a million dollars) the board of directors decided to dissolve Growing Power.

How do you farm vestan Moss?

As a general rule: look on top of shady rocks; be it rock cliffs, rock shelves, anything, but it must be shaded and it must be on a rocky surface (some decent spots to find Vestan Moss are M Prime and Caloris on Mercury, or Draco on Ceres).