Quick Answer: Are Warriors Bad In TBC?

Are fury warriors good in TBC?

Fury warrior is pretty good in tbc.

Specially on late stage of tbc when a lot of good armor pen gear available.

They are not perfect because there is a lot of running around a boss mechanics thats all..

Is warlock good in TBC?

TBC Warlocks had decent dps in PVE, in PVP they were not so great but I wasn’t the best PVP’er as a lock prefered frost mage instead, some locks were pretty good at PVP. I had some great raiding fun as a lock.

Are arms warriors good in TBC?

They rely on their strength and incredible toughness to guide them through the thick of battle. Warriors are less flexible than other classes, but are tougher and capable of dealing devastating damage to their enemies much more quickly. Improved Slam talent, Arms Warrior becomes an extremely viable raiding spec.

Are Paladins good in TBC?

paladins are very useful tanks for aoe in tbc, actually the best aoe tanks in this expansion, but you won’t be a boss tank most of the time, that’s for warriors. Paladin healers are quite decent in pve as always of course, and they’re ok in pvp too.

Is rogue or warrior better in TBC?

Tbc logs show rogues being top melee dps and right behind warlocks and hunters in nearly every fight, and way above in some bosses that actually do favor them. Warriors and rogues are not complete trash.

Is Mage good in TBC?

TBC is the only expansion where mage is FINE. in every other expansion mage is overpowered (Hello cata/mop especially).

Are shamans good in TBC?

Enhancement Shaman DPS are extremely viable in TBC because of the amount of utility that they bring to the raid. You will be in the melee group so you’ll be bringing Windfury Totem and with level 70 you’ll have access to Bloodlust.

Can you fury tank in TBC?

Not allowed. sure but you will get crushed. Most bosses in TBC can hit too hard to not have a shield equipped (1-shot levels of damage).

Are Warriors really that bad in TBC?

No. They’re fine, and sick in pvp. Played warrior / pally in tbc and they were all great. If you want to be any warrior or other niche class, you will have to be on time at any and all raids.

Are fury warriors bad in TBC?

Are Fury Warriors bad in TBC?? Fury Warrior is not bad to the extent that it should never be seen in raids. … Add onto that all the things getting nerfed from Classic WoW that fuel Fury Warriors’ damage (world buffs, stacking elixirs/flasks, Rage generation, attack table changes), and it makes Fury a less desirable spec.

Is arms or fury better TBC?

Arms is best for leveling. Dont even bother leveling as arms. 2h Fury is way better for leveling. +3% chance to hit, -2% chance to be dodged.

Is Hunter good in TBC PvP?

Hunters are 2nd tier imo in tbc (which is a LOT better than most classes/specs). They pair well with priests and druids in 2s. in 3s they’re a bit less viable just because RMX and WDX. you can still be the X in a warrior druid comp, or run with a rogue.

Are Warriors fun in TBC?

Arms is very fun if you enjoy a nice static rotation and using a swing timer. Fury is pretty similar to vanilla. I enjoy both but I find arms to be more fun even if it does less dps (blood frenzy makes up for it though).

Can Warriors top DPS in TBC?

Fury remains the top DPS spec for Warriors, focusing on dual-wielding rather than Two-Handed weapons. While the overall strength of DPS Warriors is reduced from that of Classic WoW, with proper gear and group, a Fury Warrior remains one of the best AoE classes in the game, and arguably the strongest cleave DPS overall.

What is the most fun class in TBC?

For healing I think Druids are the most fun. For DPS I think Enhancement Shaman and Affliction Warlock are pretty fun. I don’t have nearly as much experience tanking, but out of the three tanks I like Prot Paladin the most.

What is the best class in TBC?

Warlocks are the best DPS in TBC. They provide raids with various curse to debuff boss encounters. Meanwhile, their utility is top-notch as well through the use of Health Stones and Soul Stones that increase raid survivability. Destruction Warlock will provide the highest DPS and many raids will run four or more.

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