Question: What Exude Means?

What does Exuted mean?

verb (used with object), ex·ud·ed, ex·ud·ing.

to send out, as sweat; emit through pores or small openings.

to project or display conspicuously or abundantly; radiate: to exude cheerfulness..

How do you use implicit in a sentence?

The oak is implicit in the acorn.Her words contained an implicit threat.This is seen as an implicit warning not to continue with military action.He interpreted her comments as an implicit criticism of the government.Implicit in his speech was the assumption that they were guilty.More items…•Sep 15, 2016

How do you exude love?

If it is more love we seek, it is more love we must exude!…Don’t worry, these activities come from a good place and are fun!Create things! … Reach out to those who have shown you love in the past. … Engage in small acts of kindness. … Tweak your actions and your words before they are sent out into the world. … Enjoy the love.Feb 3, 2015

What are examples of confidence?

The definition of confidence is trust, faith, self-assurance or something told in secret. An example of confidence is the belief that the sun will rise tomorrow morning. An example of confidence is a student feeling positive and prepared for a test they are about to take.

Is exude a Scrabble word?

EXUDE is a valid scrabble word.

How do you use exude in a sentence?

Exude in a Sentence 🔉After accomplishing so much, he could not help but exude confidence in himself. … As he tried to sneak past the bear, he could not help but exude fear. … Since she won the race, she has been able to exude a definite sense of pride. … Her smile helped to exude an extreme sense of happiness.More items…

How do you exude confidence?

To exude confidence, work on your body language, speaking style, and overall attitude. Make sure to stand tall, use an even voice, and make eye contact while talking. Work on feeling confident overall. Remember not to be afraid of other people’s judgment, and embrace who you are as a person.

What is another word for exude?

What is another word for exude?oozeleakweepdischargeemanateemitissueseepbleedsweat134 more rows

What does it mean to exude love?

If you exude love, confidence, pain, etc., you show that you have a lot of that feeling: She just exudes confidence.

How do you exude confidence at work?

Stay focused on you. … Identify your strengths and capitalize on them. … Identify weaknesses, and work on them. … Believe in yourself. … Closely monitor your successes. … Know that your confidence may be threatened at times. … Seek encouragement from others. … Challenge yourself.More items…•Mar 5, 2013

How can I be a confident woman?

How to be a strong, confident woman:Realize you have one less rib and you’re still doing better than your counterpart.Diversify what makes you happy.Move forward in spite of fear.Love yourself unconditionally.Recognize confidence comes from within.Take action.

What does Excuding mean?

exude verb [T] (LIQUID/SMELL) to produce a smell or liquid substance from inside: Some trees exude from their bark a sap that repels insect parasites.

What does exude confidence mean?

Exude is defined as to show a lot of a certain feeling or to slowly discharge something. When you project or radiate confidence, this is an example of a situation where you exude confidence. When sweat slowly comes out of your pores, this is an example of a situation where your pores exude sweat.