Question: What Does Imperious Mean In Desiree’S Baby?

What is a good sentence for imperious?

Imperious sentence example.

The imperious manner of Andros made him many enemies.

Though clever and good-looking, she was self-willed and imperious , and without the conciliatory manners which her difficult position required..

What does florid mean?

1a : very flowery in style : ornate florid prose florid declamations also : having a florid style a florid writer. b : elaborately decorated a florid interior. c obsolete : covered with flowers. 2a : tinged with red : ruddy a florid complexion.

What happens to Desiree and the baby in the end?

In the final scene of Desiree’s Baby, Desiree’s husband Armand is burning all property that belonged to Desiree and the child, including his own family property that has any connection to Desiree.

Why does Desiree go back to Valmonde?

Desiree decided to accept her fate rather than returning to Valmonde because she felt there was no life without her husband and felt she was a herald disgrace to not only her own bloodline but to Armand’s as well.

What does the word imperious mean as used in paragraph 17 in Desiree’s Baby?

Explanation: From the paragraph, imperious means commanding and dorminating. That means the person have an attitude of superiority or authority and expecting the others to obey them.

What does Desiree realize while the Quadroon boy is fanning the baby?

What does Desiree realize while the quadroon boy is fanning the baby? When the quadroon boy is fanning the baby, she realizes that the quadroon boy and the baby have similar skin color; they resemble each other.

What is the theme of Desiree’s Baby?

Throughout her short story “Desiree’s Baby,” Kate Chopin uses symbolism to convey her themes of racial prejudice, unequal gender roles, and social hierarchy in a patriarchal society. The stone pillar is a phallic symbol of firm, forced male dominance in a patriarchal society.

What is the irony in Desiree’s Baby?

The story ends with a twist of situational irony: Armand discovers too late that it is he (and not his wife) who has black heritage. Armand acted upon the misjudgment that Désirée, and her unknown past, were to blame for the appearance of their baby.

Who is La Blanche in Désirée’s baby?

She is a “yellow,” or light-skinned, woman who works as a nurse helping Désirée with the baby. La Blanche, a slave at L’Abri, has a name that means “the white one.” Several hints in the story suggest that Armand has raped her and fathered one or more of her children.

What is a beneficent Providence?

beneficent. adj. Characterized by or performing acts of kindness or charity. Providence. the guardianship and control exercised by a deity.

What are the three main colors in Desiree’s Baby?

The main three colors in the story consist of white, black, and yellow. Desiree represents the color white, the superior race in the social hierarchy, while the slaves, the inferior race, associates with the color black. Symbolizing the whole social hierarchy, the nurse associates with the color yellow.

Did Desiree kill herself in Desiree’s Baby?

When Armand rejects her, Désirée chooses to end her own life rather than start a new one at home with her loving parents. In so doing, she also chooses to end the life of her child, who has conspired unconsciously with her to bring shame to Armand’s name.

What does contentedly mean?

The definition of contentedly is doing something with satisfaction or peace. An example of doing something contentedly is walking down the street with a smile and a relaxed attitude. adverb.

What does L ABRI symbolize in Desiree’s Baby?

L’Abri Symbol Analysis. The plantation house that belongs to the Aubigny family exhibits physical characteristics that symbolize the unhappiness that has occurred and will occur in the home. … The house’s appearance echoes the acts of physical and emotional cruelty that it conceals.

What does imperious mean?

1a : marked by arrogant assurance : domineering. b : befitting or characteristic of one of eminent rank or attainments : commanding, dominant an imperious manner.

Is Madame Valmonde shocked by the baby’s growth or something else?

Madame Valmonde has a surprise awaiting her. She has not seen the baby for a month and when she arrives to L’Abri she is shocked to see the baby’s appearance. Desiree remarks about how much he has grown. However, it is apparent that she does not see anything wrong with her son.

What is the meaning of the phrase he was reminded that she was nameless in the context in which it appears?

The sentence “He was reminded that she was nameless” foreshadows what occurs later in the story when Armand tells Desiree, “It means that the child is not white…. It means that you are not white.”