Question: Is WoW Classic Still Popular 2020?

How many players are playing WoW Classic?

Statista suggests that World of Warcraft’s player count is around 4.88 million as of 2020.

They also suggest that it is going down at a rate of roughly 140,000 players per year..

How many people are playing WoW currently?

World of Warcraft Live Monthly Player Count MonthAverage Monthly PlayersPeak Players In a DayLast 30 Days5,120,014596,617March 30, 20215,301,147601,447February 28, 20215,211,456612,254January 30, 20214,950,801595,08024 more rows

Should I buy WoW Shadowlands?

You definitely do not need Shadowlands for any reason pre-50. You can experience everything non-SL with just a subscription. However you might consider leveling fast and picking it up soon, because a new WoW expansion is a special time that only comes once every two years.

Is WoW free 2021?

The monthly subscription gets you access to both, and a free trial is unlimited time and up to level 20 in retail, not sure it works for classic. You won’t need the expansion content until 50, so you could just get a month and try both.

How much does it cost to play WoW?

Players can choose either a one-month WoW subscription for $14.99/month, a three-month WoW subscription for $13.99/month, or a six-month WoW subscription for $12.99/month.

Of course it is popular, but it is at the end of its cycle so a lot of people have already quit for Shadowlands, TBC Waiting Room or something else. Classic was at its peak in April-May IMO.

Is Classic WoW Worth Playing 2021?

Well, if you are trying to figure out whether World of Warcraft is worth playing or not, then the answer you’ll get here is almost certainly yes! WoW Classic is a great leveling game, which makes it a great way to kill time. It just feels fun to level and gets new talents, abilities, better gear and etc.

Is WoW Classic better than WoW?

The experience of playing a Paladin in WoW Classic is entirely different from the experience of playing in WoW Retail. Retail is faster, more polished, and less grindy, but has a very different difficulty curve. Classic is slower and requires more grinding, but can also feel more rewarding.

Should I start playing WoW Classic?

Classic is a good game if you like more old-school social MMORPG type content. Basically the same as retail WoW, do quests, level up your character, get gear, kill some dungeon and raid bosses. … Yes, start with Classic. Worst case scenario you don’t like it and you’re out $15 for a month.

How long will WoW Classic last?

IndefinitelyClassic WoW Stays Indefinitely As time goes on, most players will all be level 60 and potentially have a level 60 for each available class. There will be very few new players attracted to the game and very few people for them to play with if they did.

Is it worth starting Classic now?

No it isn’t, especially not if you don’t have a group to progress with. Classic is essentially over now, guilds aren’t recruiting for anything, there’s barely anyone at leveling zones and dungeons (that aren’t just carries) – people are waiting for TBC.

Should I play WoW Classic or retail?

The classic leveling experience is very long and is kind of the bulk of the game. Go with retail if you want faster, more polished gameplay that is much more streamlined. … Leveling in retail will be much easier and much faster and I believe you get a free boost with purchase of WoW to skip most of it on one character.

Is WoW classic too late?

Best of luck to you, and I hope you enjoy your journey into Classic! Its never too late. At this point I would probably wait for the TBC pre-patch and the xp boost that will come along with it. You’ll also have plenty of people rerolling alts at that point.

Where is WoW Classic now?

Right now, WoW Classic is currently in Phase 4, which includes the Zul’Gurub raid, Green Dragon World Bosses, and more. Coming soon is one of WoW Classic’s coolest events ever, the Opening of the Gates of Ahn’Qiraj.

Is WoW classic Dead 2020?

No, classic is not dead.

Is WoW dying 2021?

The WoW is dying is actually quite accurate, from the moment it released back in the day its been ever so slowly going towards a day where it will no longer exist. …

Should I play WoW 2021?

Shadowlands’ New Player Experience Sets A High Bar For MMOs However, the massive overhauls that came with Shadowlands has set a high bar for the new player experience in WoW, and 2021 is arguably the best time for new players to start in Azeroth since the game’s very early days.

Is WoW still fun 2020?

For those reasons, it is definitely worth playing Wow in 2020 to see what the early days of Shadowlands are like as the Horde and Alliance both usher in a new era for the iconic MMO. Blizzard is clearly hoping Shadowlands can help bring about another WoW renaissance and things are off to a strong start.

Is Druid worth playing in classic?

The answer is yes. Druid are fun and versatile, especially in solo content and PvP. … I think they’re more fun in PvP than PvE in classic and overall I liked TBC+ druids a lot more than classic/vanilla, but there’s definitely fun aspects to them in classic.