Is BWL A 40 Man?

Did Burning Crusade have 40 man raids?

The issue came when 40-man raids were scrapped as we entered The Burning Crusade.

This was a decision that I supported at the time.

Even though it hurt a few guilds, I believed it was overall good for the game..

Can you do NAXX in TBC?

It was available all throughout TBC though. Kemurai is correct, Naxx was present through all of tbc, up to WotLK prepatch. Level60 Naxx was not removed from the game until WOTLK, where it was moved to Northrend and turned into the new 10/25man level 80 version. So you can raid Naxx in TBC if you want.

Is Razorgore immune to fire damage?

The main damage from Razorgore is fire damage, thus the tanks should balance their gear well – they do need some fire resistance gear (but not all-out FR gear, because this impairs their ability to kite).

Is ZG harder than MC?

ZG and AQ20 were easier than MC. UBRS, Scholo, Stratholme< ZG < MC, Ony, AQ 20 < BWL < AQ <<<<<<< Naxx.

How big are raids in TBC?

Designed by players and lovers from large group content from older games like Everquest 2, Burning Crusade followed Classic in its footsteps of creating large group content, although these are not as large as their Classic Counterparts, with raids allowing for a total of 25 people for most of them.

How long are TBC raids?

Some guilds can take 2-3 nights for Naxx for example, whilst others can do it in 1 hour. People would likely clear Kara/Gruul/Mag in one night as well.

What level can you enter Naxxramas?

level 80″You must be level 80 and in a raid group to enter Naxxramas”.

Is BWL harder than MC?

The BWL trash packs are harder than Molten Core bosses. Generally each new raid tier has more (and harder hitting) mechanics on both bosses and trash. … To be fair, MC trash is also harder than MC bosses.

How many bosses are in Naxxramas?

15 bossesNaxxramas has 15 bosses, with none of them being optional.

How many bosses are there in aq40?

9 bossesWhile there are 9 bosses in total in this raid, 3 of them are optional and can be skipped to get to C’Thun faster, or if you do not need their loot.

Can you solo BWL 70?

Raids usually 10 lv + ABOVE requierment is the earliest solo run possible. (Might consider Mechanics still though) So if you go for a lv 60 raid it’s 70/71+ for the lv 80 ones it would be 90/91 and so on. Make sure you got the right gear for your level to kill trash and boss monster faster.

Are there 10 man raids in classic WoW?

10 man raids like Kara didn’t exist in vanilla. Only 20 or 40. The reality is that at WoW launch, you could bring up to 40 players into any dungeon. The majority of max level dungeons were intended to be balanced around 5 players, but many people did them with more, usually not going over 15.

How much gold do NAXX bosses drop?

Suggestion: Increase Naxxramas gold drops from 3g per player per boss to 50g per player per boss.

When did TBC release?

January 16, 2007World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade/Initial release dates

Does WOW Classic have 40 man raids?

Blizzard has just released a blue post talking about the previously added limit of 30 dungeons per day, mentioning that 40-man raids will not affect this limit. This was added so that players that eventually reach the dungeon limit are still able to participate in most Classic raid content.

Are TBC raids hard?

TLDR VERSION: Yes. Karazhan is generally an easy raid, with the easiest boss being around Molten Core (not Ragnaros) level, but has harder fights that are more on par with BWL/AQ40.

Are BWL bosses immune to fire?

There are very few mobs in Vanilla that are technically immune to anything. Mostly mobs and bosses are just more resistant to certain types of damage. … In BWL things are resistant to fire and shadow there might have been some trash mob that was even immune to shadow can’t remember for sure.

Can you still do classic raids in TBC?

Most vanilla raid bosses could not be soloed in tbc yet. This only really became a thing in wotlk and even then not for all classes. Hell clearing Naxx will most likely take a 25 man group to clear if in tbc if you are not wearing T6 or something.

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