How Much Health Does Illidan Have?

Who is the most powerful person in Azeroth?

Here are the 13 Most Powerful Figures In Warcraft Lore.8 Illidan Stormrage.

7 Tyrande Whisperwind.

6 The Lich King.

5 Medivh.

4 The Dragon Aspects.

3 Kil’Jaeden.

2 The Old Gods.

1 Sargeras.

Once the greatest and most powerful of the Titans, Sargeras had been tasked with defending creation from the forces of chaos.More items…•May 22, 2016.

Who is the most powerful person in WoW?

Warcraft: 12 Most Powerful NPCs From The Lore8 Khadgar.7 The Lich King.6 Aegwynn.5 Illidan Stormrage.4 Medivh.3 Malfurion Stormrage.2 Sylvanas Windrunner.1 Anduin Wrynn.More items…•Apr 15, 2021

Did Illidan kill Gul Dan?

This section concerns content related to Legion. After the alternate universe Gul’dan is defeated at the Nighthold, the recently revived Illidan kills him by burning him from the inside out with fel until only Gul’dan’s skull remains. Illidan then shatters the skull with his hand.

Is Illidan good or evil?

Illidan is an anti-hero but not a villain. He looks to do the right thing but still gets judged harshly for it because he may not appear to be trustworthy at first glance (think Severus Snape).

How did Kil jaeden die?

StormrageKil’jaeden spoke to Gul’dan telepathically and told him to reopen the Tomb of Sargeras to facilitate the Burning Legion invading Azeroth once again but he was killed by Stormrage.

How much HP does Illidan have?

Illidan Stormrage HP-> 2 100 00 and if that what al13n said is true he has 5 600 000 HP so it’s a big difference.

What did Illidan do wrong?

Illidan did nothing wrong. He was always a pretty tragic character, even in wc3. There’s that one level where he saves everyone from a demonic invasion by using the skull of gul’dan, and Malfurion only shows up after Illidan has killed the dreadlord in charge, wiped out the demonic forces, and destroyed the portal.

How strong is Illidan?

Illidan at full strength is probably equivalent to a Wild God (a moderately powerful one like Ashamane). He’s definitely not on par with the Lich King, a Dragon Aspect or a Keeper.

Why did we kill Illidan in TBC?

Because he said we weren’t prepared, so we killed him to show just how prepared we were. Jokes aside, he re-opened the Dark Portal and demons started coming through it to invade Azeroth.

Can Paladin tank Illidan?

The strength of paladin tanks is AOE tanking, and being able to manipulate their threat generation thru gear. The truth is those strengths are better suited to an offtank, but if a guild has no reliable warrior or Druid tanks, a paladin main tank is fine.

Does Arthas kill Illidan?

In the Final Cinamatic of TFT’s Undead Campaign, Arthas defeated Illidan!

How do you kill Illidan?

Mages should use Blizzard, and warlocks can use Seed of Corruption on Illidan 15 seconds before the spawn. If the AoE is performed well, it’s possible to kill all the Demons within a few seconds after they spawn, this has the additional advantage that nobody needs to move out of position.

Did Illidan die in BC?

No, he was killed. His corpse was brought to the Vault of the Wardens and was stolen by Gul’dan.

Does Illidan kill sargeras?

Serious (but speculative) answer: Sargeras is locked in his chair through the power of the rest of the Titans while Illidan just beats him up, forever.

Will Illidan return in Shadowlands?

illidan has a demon soul and therefore does not go to the shadowlands when dead, he goes to the twisting nether like other demons.

Is maiev in love with Illidan?

Yeah it’s not that she was in love with him she made her whole life about being his jailer and than capturing him again when he escaped obsessively so. When he was defeated during BC she was left with nothing and her life now had no more meaning. Her duty in life was to guard Illidan’s prison.

Did Illidan ever die?

When the Legion invaded Azeroth once more during the Third War, Tyrande freed Illidan from his prison in order to have him battle the demons once more….Illidan StormrageStatusAlive (lore) DefeatableRelative(s)Malfurion (twin brother), Tyrande Whisperwind (sister-in-law), Shandris Feathermoon (adopted niece)13 more rows

Where do you fight Illidan?

Illidan Stormrage (tactics)Illidan StormrageLevel?? BossReactionAlliance HordeLocationTemple Summit, Black TempleStatusKillable6 more rows

Who is stronger Illidan or malfurion?

Illidan wins 7/10 times, no doubt. Malfurion has been one of my favourite characters, having read all the relevent novels about him. He is one of the most, if not, the most powerful mortals in existence and then Legion came and they made him into some weak whimp.

Why is Illidan evil?

Though Illidan fought to defend his people, he soon slipped into darkness; after absorbing the energies of the demonic Skull of Gul’dan, Illidan became a demon, an act for which he was banished by Malfurion.

Why did sargeras turn evil?

For all of Sargeras’s vast power and intellect, he could not direct his entire army at once. Demons were vicious and bloodthirsty, but most lacked strategic thinking. Much of the Legion had fallen needlessly to the Pantheon. … They would become transformed into demonic beings of depthless evil.

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