How Many People Are Playing For Honor?

Is for honor worth playing in 2021?

Best answer: Since For Honor has managed to mostly fix its issues, it’s absolutely worth picking up in 2018 if you like melee combat and medieval times..

Is for honor pay to win?

There is no pay to win. You have to wait a little longer to use new hero’s without season pass, but every character is purchaseable with in game currency, it only takes about a week of grinding to get two new characters for me.

Why did honor fail?

a good fighting game is built on a solid base, core mechanics are abilities all characters share with few exception, these include blocking, dodging, running and in for honors case parrying, this may be the biggest failing point in for honor.

Do people still play for honor?

Ubisoft remains bullish on For Honor, even if it isn’t grabbing as much mainstream attention as it did closer to its initial launch. It’s clear that it still has a healthy fanbase; the bulk of the matches I played filled up with live players in short order, with only a few bots filling up vacancies when necessary.

Is for honor free forever?

It’s the standard edition, which has all the content from the game’s launch two years ago — including the 12 heroes and 7 multiplayer modes. You have until August 27 to claim your free copy of For Honor. Once you nab it, it’s yours to keep forever.

Is for honor hard to learn?

For Honor is one of the most demanding and mechanically-complex games of this generation. You need help. … Despite its depth, For Honor’s learning curve is actually not that steep, provided you take it slow, getting comfortable with one hero before moving on to other options.

Is for honor still active 2020?

The content pipeline has slowed since with four heroes in 2019 and two planned for 2020. While it’s clear that Ubisoft aren’t dedicating as many resources to For Honor as it did a few years ago, the game is still constantly being updated and expanded with a vibrant player community.

Is for honor dead 2020?

This game is totally dead on PS4. You have no chance to find a match in most gamemodes. The only modes that can be played are domination and breach with 2+ minute wait times.

Is for Honor PC dead?

While not dead for the overall game, some regions have far less players than others and almost every game mode will feel like it’s dead, except Dominion and maybe Duels. Servers are region locked, some are far more populated than others. I’ve been finding plenty of matches.

Is for honor dead on Xbox?

No, it’s not dead on any platform.

Is for honor dead 2021 PS4?

This game is totally dead on PS4. You have no chance to find a match in most gamemodes. The only modes that can be played are domination and breach with 2+ minute wait times.

For HonorMonthAvg. Players% GainLast 30 Days2,759.7-0.53%May 20212,774.3-20.62%April 20213,494.8-10.59%March 20213,908.9+16.18%49 more rows

How many people play for honor worldwide?

During a financial report back in February, Ubisoft said For Honor has 7.5 million registered players, and 1 million monthly active users, though those numbers are spread across consoles, as well.

Is for honor worth buying in 2020?

For Honor has constant content updates, balance patches, events, and graphical updates that make it a great game to purchase, even in 2020. … It’s a completely unique game that takes the fighting game genre back in time to medieval times, where knights, vikings, and samurai are all clashing for victory.

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