How Do You Get Thunderfury In BFA?

Can Death Knights use Thunderfury?

But of course, there’s a pretty big question that’s simple enough: Death Knights can get Thunderfury.

Yes, the bindings are now usable by all classes.

German CM Rynundu confirmed this, and added that a future patch will get rid of the class restrictions on the tooltip..

Is Thunderfury good for DPS?

Thunderfury is the end-all be-all tanking weapon in the game. … For DPS it is technically the best OH you can use as a fury warrior/rogue, but those numbers are not realistic since of the weapons aforementioned insane threat producing proc, meaning you would probably struggle with threat which makes it not worth it.

Can a mage Transmog Thunderfury?

Thunderfury can be transmoged by mages, and dh’s aswell. As for obtaining it, anyone who can transmog it can also obtain it (so mages, dh, hunters and warlocks should be added to this list).

Who can wear Thunderfury?

Doesn’t matter, as long as your class can wield one-handed swords. Priests, Shamans and Druids cant wield them, so the appearance won’t be saved. all classes can do quest, however only those able to wield it get achievement and transmog.

Do you need both bindings for Thunderfury?

You need both the Right- and the Left Half of those bindings to begin creating the legendary Thunderfury weapon. However, a friend of mine got the Left part from Baron Geddon a year ago, he raids Molten Core every week for the Right Half, but he still did not get it.

Can Druids use Thunderfury?

As far as I know, you can get Thunderfury on any class. However, you need to be able to equip it on said character to get both the achievement and the transmog unlock. Save your bars and do it on something that can wield 1 handed swords.

Can you Transmog Legendaries in BFA?

Legendaries without class restrictions on the items themselves, but are restricted to certain classes in their way of obtaining it (like Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings and Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest) can be transmogged by all classes that can equip the weapon type!

Can you Transmog Legendaries in wow?

You will not be able to transmog any Shadowlands legendaries at launch, but there are plans to allow transmog of the full set in a future patch, and it is very likely you will be able to obtain additional armor tints!

Can any class get Thunderfury?

Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker can be completed and equipped by any class that can equip swords.

Can you have 2 Thunderfury?

Getting both bindings in one run isn’t impossible, since I did it as well. Getting two ~5% drops in the same run is a 1 in 400 chance (1 in 625 if you believe wowhead’s drop percentage).

How rare is Thunderfury?

Step 1: Obtain either the Left or Right Bindings of the Windseeker. In Molten Core you will need to slay either Baron Geddon or Garr to obtain one of these items. It has a drop rate in the range of 3-4%, so it dropping for your group is going to be pretty rare.

How much DPS is Thunderfury?

Actual DPS Taking the proc effect into account, Thunderfury is an ~85 DPS weapon.

Is Thunderfury a BIS?

Sure, it’s BIS for a time, but it so much better for a warrior or even rogue that you would never even consider giving it to a hunter. Amazing for PvP, put onto the wrong class for PvE. It’s a threat/slow weapon.

Is it hard to get Thunderfury?

Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker is a One-Hand Sword obtainable through a fairly time-consuming quest line which starts in Molten Core.

Can shamans get Thunderfury?

Nope, sorry. If you can’t equip the item for your class, you can’t add it to transmog.

Can monks get Thunderfury?

are monks able to get the quest to make thunderfury? Yes, they can.

How do you unlock the Thunderfury artifact skin in BFA?

Outlaw Rogue Hidden Artifact Appearance for The Dreadblades is called “Thunderfury, Hallowed Blade of the Windlord” and is unlocked via Emanation of the Winds: You will first have to get three items: Bindings of the Windlord (the left half) drops from Dargrul, the last boss of Neltharion’s Lair.

How long does it take to get Thunderfury in BFA?

about 3-4 monthsI know thunderfury doesn’t drop often from Ragnar, but by my math I’ll have thunderfury in about 3-4 months max after launch. I’ll take the first one since I’m the guildmaster, and the main tank can get the next one that drops, and then anyone else who wants it after that.

Is Thunderfury Transmog account wide?

So if I farm Thunderfury with my mage, can I transmog it with my rogue? Legendary items are account wide, yes. If you can equip it on the original char you farmed it on, it is account wide.

How long does it take to farm Thunderfury?

5 monthsweeee! THUNDERFURY! Got it in Cata took 5 months of farming.