Can Death Knights Get Thunderfury?

How do you get Thunderfury in BFA?

This weapon is obtained from Molten Core by collecting both left and right half of “Bindings of the Windseeker” which drop from respectively Baron Geddon and Garr in Molten Core.

This then starts a long quest chain which involves killing Thunderaan the Windseeker in Silithus..

Who can get Thunderfury?

Doesn’t matter, as long as your class can wield one-handed swords. Priests, Shamans and Druids cant wield them, so the appearance won’t be saved. all classes can do quest, however only those able to wield it get achievement and transmog.

Can I Transmog Thunderfury?


Do you need both bindings for Thunderfury?

You need both the Right- and the Left Half of those bindings to begin creating the legendary Thunderfury weapon. However, a friend of mine got the Left part from Baron Geddon a year ago, he raids Molten Core every week for the Right Half, but he still did not get it.

How hard is it to get Thunderfury?

You have to kill Geddon and Garr in MC and basically just need luck that they drop the bindings. Just go there every week and you will get it eventually.

Can you Transmog Legendaries?

You can wear a legendary piee and transmog it to something else. You cannot wear a normal gear piece and transmog it to a legendary you’ve crafted. Their reasoning is that they dont want people to craft legendaries with no intention of using them, just for the transmog.

What do you need for Thunderfury?

For the total of ten bars you then need 100 arcane crystals, 100 thorium bars, 10 elementium ores, 30 elemental flux and 10 firey cores, as well as alchemists spending 200 days of cooldown on making you your arcanite bars.

Can DK get Thunderfury?

Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker Who Can Obtain it: This legendary can be obtained by Warriors, Rogues, Monks, Warlocks, Paladins, Death Knights Mages, Demon Hunters.

Can any class get Thunderfury?

Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker can be completed and equipped by any class that can equip swords.

Can monks get Thunderfury?

are monks able to get the quest to make thunderfury? Yes, they can.